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The Total Solution

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            Today, large corporations and building operators are becoming more aware of the advantages of computer based facilities management.  After the initial construction and/or occupation of a building, there is a constant need to modify the internal configuration to meet the needs of a dynamic organization.  Modification of fixed construction, furnishings and equipment, tenant and departmental space allocations, and personnel locations all become an everyday  fact of life.  Today’s facilities manager must deal with all of these changes and more.


            Traditional techniques are becoming inadequate to provide timely and accurate information.  Computer Aided Drafting and Drafting Systems, coupled with state-of-the-art Non-Graphic and Data Management systems, are effective tools for dealing with this escalating problem.  However, most organizations do not have the resources or the experience to use a computer based facilities management program to their full advantage.


            FAH, Incorporated, is a recognized forerunner in Computer Based Facilities Management.  CBFM offers a new approach, as a synergy of CADD based architectural systems and non-graphic financial management packages.  It is a total solution to your planning, asset tracking and lease management needs.


            FAH, Incorporated provides an economical, professional and risk-free entry to Computer Based Facilities Management.



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            The two aforementioned approaches have historically been employed to assist facilities managers.  The graphic documentation approach focused on floor plans, construction documents, schedules, furniture layout, and aesthetics.  The non-graphic approach concerned itself with lease and inventory management space and personnel projections, buildings and equipment costs and lifecycles.  CBFM is The Total Solution, today!

            The CBFM services involve several activities working together to provide The Total Solution package.  The services become “multi-user.”  The large company may have a greater interest in the lease management services or the communication tool services.  Large corporations and government institutions may be more concerned with building evaluation, planning and asset management services.



Building Review and Evaluation

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This is a consultation service in which facilities management and design professionals of FAH, Incorporated, provide clients with a study to evaluate and match the client’s needs and goals with an existing or proposed building or with the marketplace.  The report provides solid information to help make planning decisions and assist in the relocation process.




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Planning services allow the facilities manager to examine alternative solutions.  The manager can then draw on the system’s power to create hypothetical scenarios and explore a variety of different approaches.



Asset Management

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Tracking is the most crucial element in producing a cost-effective facilities management system.  Asset Management Services create an electronic database of buildings, furniture, equipment and locations to whatever level of documentation a client may desire.  This service creates accurate inventory listings and comparative need-vs-resource analyses, bidding and costing lists, subcontractors information, scheduling, and schedule monitoring.


Lease Management

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Lease Management Services are divided into two packages to provide an effective understanding of commitments and options.



The Lease Control Module records and evaluates attributes, features and characteristics of leased properties.  The idea is to show an organization what it is getting for its money.



The second module is in the Lease Monitor which tracks expiration dates, options, escalation clauses, and subleases.  It also generates reports of changing occupancy levels and maintains space utilization records.



Communication Tool Development

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The Communication Tools block of the CBFM package provides graphic reports designed to assist in marketing, leasing, management information, standardized maintenance procedures, visual explanations of expansion plans and a host of additional valuable charts and graphs.




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